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Your subscription includes four gorgeous digital editions of LAIKA. Each one embodies a safe space, where equality, truth, creativity and empathy flourish. Issue Eight features inspiring community activist and vegan chef Lorena Ramirez on the cover, and is an ode to the power of community and helping others. LAIKA is vegan journalism with courage, heart and integrity.

More highlights from Issue Eight include:

• “Strong, Moral Stand”: a collection of powerful stories from full-time animals rights activists about their life on the frontlines.

• “Saving You”: Beautiful portraits and personal accounts from women who dedicate their lives to rescuing animals.

• “All Together Now”: Four activists of color in the Washington, DC area on building a vegan movement that is accessible and inclusive to all.

• “Gold Standard”: a galvanizing profile of vegan sprinter Morgan Mitchell of The Game Changers fame.

• An inspiring conversation with teenage activist Genesis Butler and her mother Genelle.

• “After The Flood”: How disasters like Hurricane Florence uncover animal agriculture’s hidden casualties.

• “Big Life Small Footprint”: An eye-opening report on the impacts of climate change and how we can all do our part by eliminating waste from our lives.

• A moving profile of Lauren Toyota, full of wisdom on how to tap into our magic to heal during troubled times.

The publication comes in a beautiful high resolution PDF, downloadable to your desktop, laptop, iPad or similar device. Subscription includes issues 8, 9, 10 and 11, which will be sent in accordance with their release dates.