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Joanne Molinaro, aka The Korean Vegan, Doesn’t Mince Words

An interview with the outspoken TikTok sensation, who is passionate about making delicious food and advocating for justice

In Their Fur: The Lives of Foxes Saved From Fur Farms

Born to be “pelts” in the rapidly declining fur industry, the foxes at sanctuary Pawsitive Beginnings now have a new chance at life

NYC’s Hottest (and Coolest) Vegan Eats

Dining out expert Crystal Pang, aka @veganeatsnyc, curates a definitive list of her hometown’s can’t-miss vegan dishes

Comedian Doug Lussenhop Mixes Veganism With Humor

Writer, TV editor and co-host of Tim Heidecker’s Office Hours, uses humor as a “step in the right direction”

Essay: How Locs and Veganism Saved Me

For writer Elana Pruitt, finding self-love meant growing out her dreadlocks and embracing a compassionate lifestyle

Hannah ‘Kitten Lady’ Shaw is ‘Mama’ to Baby Critters

The kitten (and piglet, and duckling) rescuer, best-selling author and viral sensation on her devotion to helping the tiniest ones

At 70, Vegan Chef Babette Davis is Living Her Best Life

The athlete and restaurateur’s fountain of youth is made from green juice, gratitude, and positivity

Selected Stories from Issue Eight

Solid Gold

Vegan Olympian sprinter Morgan Mitchell on building inner-strength and peak performance

Rescuing You

How rescuing a single animal from harm can transform many lives

Fresh Take

Vegan chef Lorena Ramirez is proudly centering her Mexican heritage

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This Turkey and Dog Are Besties

Blossom the turkey and Minnow the dog prove that animals are friends, not food

The Story of Laika the Space Dog

The first living being sent into orbit, she sparked some of the world’s first animal rights protests

recipe roundup

Vegan Kimchi Soup

A comforting powerhouse full of restorative ingredients

Chilaquiles Verdes

A fast and affordable traditional Mexican favorite

Cornbread Pancakes

Sweet Potato Soul’s Jenné Claiborne whips up the perfect fluffiest pancakes

Seafood, But Made From Plants

Scallops made from mushrooms and crab cakes from hearts of palm? Indeed! We show you how

Sweet Potato Bisque

A comforting cold-weather classic that is super easy to make

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Interview with Cory Booker – With Editor’s Note

The Democratic senator from New Jersey on being vegan and his innate faith in the goodness of humanity

Vegan in Los Angeles: The Ultimate Local’s Guide

Two LA vegans round up the best spots to eat and hang in their city

‘What The Health’ Exposes Corporate Greed’s Toll on Public Well-Being

An Interview with Kip Andersen, the director of the ground-breaking vegan documentary

The Only Humane Dairy Industry Is No Dairy Industry

Interview with Richard Couto, leader of Animal Recovery Mission, the group that exposed Fairlife Dairy

From the Magazine

Interview with Aph Ko and Syl Ko

The sisters, writers and activists on the entanglements of race, species and gender

A Letter to Gen Z

Actress and advocate Harley Quinn Smith on the importance of everyday activism

What We All Share

A sanctuary founder’s essay on the universal need for love and compassion, regardless of our species

Laika reports

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Should Animals Like Chimpanzees and Elephants Have Personhood?

Yes, says legal scholar Steven Wise. An interview with the founder of The Nonhuman Rights Project

‘Dominion’ Documentary and Activism Suppression

An interview with director Chris Delforce on how his documentary disrupts animal exploitation, and the challenges activists face

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Sue Coe’s Animal Rights Art Compels You To Look

How the sociopolitical artist confronts systemic injustice through her powerful printmaking and drawing

The Power of Community in Building a Movement

How four DC-area activists are making veganism accessible to “every single person who needs it.”

Jamila Crawford Pécou’s Vibrant Veganism

The Atlanta-based chef pays homage to her Caribbean heritage into her cooking