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LAIKA is a vegan lifestyle magazine and digital media brand. It is also a clear assertion that a full, vibrant, exciting, interesting and satisfying life can be had — without ever having to inflict harm on another. LAIKA MAGAZINE is a reflection of this undeniable reality. It is the place where compassion and innovation intersect. We report with uncompromising dedication on ground-breaking thinkers and doers, visionary fashion, inventive food, courageous activists and the animals they defend. We believe that art is vital to moving society forward.

From the time we launched in 2012, we have been committed to delivering original storytelling and to digging deeper. Our authentic  voice resonates with our readers, who in 2015 helped us achieve a successful crowdfunding campaign. In 2017, we were recognized by the Society of Publication Designers with a Merit Award for photography, the first vegan magazine to receive this honor. Every article we work on, every photo shoot and illustration we develop, is an adventure. Our contributors include members of our community, and each project offers an opportunity to grow — not just as an artist and creator, but as a human being.

LAIKA’s aim is to uplift, inform and inspire. We take a firm stand against speciesism, racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, and all forms of injustice towards other living beings. We believe that fighting for the rights of nonhuman animals is intrinsically tied to ending the oppression of our fellow humans.  Through our work, we illuminate complex issues while simultaneously offering solutions.

Ultimately, we are a dynamic publication — that just so happens to be vegan. Our approach is not novel, it simply encourages embracing what we’ve each known about ourselves all along: our capacity for kindness is infinite. Thank you for being a part of this journey.

Founder/ Creative & Editorial Director: Julie Gueraseva


LAIKA’s mission is to bring you authentic, well-rounded and accurate reporting on vegan culture and activism. We’re so grateful to have readers like you. You can further our cause by making a donation or purchasing a subscription to LAIKA.